2022 Design Business
Fees and Salary Report

Order the 2022 Design Business Fees and Salary Report, a comprehensive, 42-page resource designed to help you improve your business practices to focus on what you do best: Be creative.

Gain valuable insights and learn how your firm compares to others in our industry on:

  • Profitability, pricing and charging strategies, purchasing and inventory management
  • Employee compensation, benefits, culture, and staffing

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With tens of thousands of firms, the U.S. interior design industry is fragmented, to say the least. It is nearly impossible to find reliable and comprehensive data, benchmarks, and insights on how to operate a successful business, such as what to charge your clients or how to compensate your employees.

This is why we are so pleased to present The 2022 Design Business Fees and Salary Report from Studio Designer. This powerful report features industry insights on fees, team salaries, and much more, to help you make smarter, more effective decisions that will supercharge your design business.

What's Inside

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How Designers Charge their Clients

By cadence, method, project type, and industry averages on markups and hourly fees


How Designers Track & Bill for their Time

Annual Revenues and profits, breakdown on time spent on billable activities, and average bill rates by role

How Designers Pay Vendors

Payment methods, what fees are passed to clients, and average spend by product category


How Designers Work

Size of team, total annual projects, and the average number of proposed items that make it to an order

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